Allergy Awareness

We are an allergy aware school and everyone is encouraged to:

· Not send nuts and nut products to school

· Educate children to wash hands after eating

· Dispose of any rubbish or any uneaten food appropriately

· Discourage the sharing of food and drink 

Our school is a Proactive Asthma and Anaphylaxis school. Parents are asked to keep the school fully informed about their child’s asthma and anaphylaxis.


We encourage parents and grandparents to attend our school assemblies. Classes share examples of their learning (items and work they have done) and Merit Certificates are awarded to students. Assemblies are held on designated Fridays afternoons at 2pm, unless notified otherwise.
Your child’s regular attendance at school is vital. Please call the office before 9:30am on 6424 4428 or message 0448 539 906  or use the "schoolstream app" to let us know if your child will be away for any reason.
Please ensure children come to school after 8:30am and, unless involved in a supervised activity, leave between 2:45pm and 3:00pm. Two bells are used to signify an inside play day.  
A bike rack is provided next to the netball court.  All bikes and scooters are to be stored here during school hours.  Students dismount their bike/scooter once they enter school grounds.  Kindergarten children ride our scooters, tricycles and bicycles in their outside programme.  They are required to wear their own helmet for this.
Your children's pencils, pens, rulers, erasers, books etc. will be supplied by the school when you pay the composite levy we charge for each enrolled student. Families receiving student assistance will need to bring in their confirmation letter to receive their book packs.
Breakfast Club
Breakfast club operates in our school from 8:30 - 8:50am every weekday - dependant upon voluteers.  All students are encouraged to attend. We provide a simple menu of hot or cold milo, toast and fruit. There is no cost to the program as it is a service that we are able to provide thanks to grants and donations.  Volunteers are welcomed.  If you have some time or would like to support our program, please contact our school office.
Mersey Link provide services within the Devonport and Ambleside area. Buses come into our turning circle where a bus duty teacher supervises students. Please contact Mersey Link on 6427 7626 for details about routes and times.
Our canteen operates on Thursday and Friday each week. As an accredited ‘cool’ canteen we offer healthy lunch choices.  Recess sales are also available.
Car Parking 
Parents are asked to use the parent or overflow carparks as we wish to minimise movement in the staff carpark to ensure the safety of our children. Parents and students are encouraged to use designated pathways and not walk through the staff carpark.
The turning circle is only to be used for immediate pick up. It is not a waiting bay. Buses use this area and operate on a strict timetable. Thank you for your co-operation.
Children's University
Miandetta Primary School is a registered member of Children’s University who are affiliated with the University of Tasmania.  It provides opportunities for some students to engage in learning whist developing their sense of confidence and aspirations.  Through Children’s University, students are encouraged to access local educational and learning activity providers (including sports clubs, museums, galleries, school clubs) in out of school hours.  At the end of the school year, students who have gained a minimum requirement are invited to a formal graduation ceremony at the Tasmanian University.
Our class structures vary from year to year. Teachers give careful thought to the placement of students considering their personal, social and academic needs including friendships and relationships with other children. We also consider gender and grade balances when compiling classes. We welcome parent input during the process on the understanding that placement is the professional responsibility of teaching staff. 
We have a School Association responsible for policies and procedures, reviews and plans.  The School Association may appoint sub committees to undertake particular tasks within the school.  Our current sub committees include Fundraising, Asset Maintenance and Development, Curriculum Resources, ICT, Uniform and Canteen. 
Early Learning
A Birth to Four program titled ‘Launching Little Learners’ operates each week for children 0-4 years accompanied by  parents, grandparents or carers.  These sessions provide experiences in playing, singing, reading, dancing, creating, painting and  experimenting.   The program is free and is run by a teacher. Details are provided in the newsletter
We encourage parents to visit us before applying for enrolment of their children.   Please contact the office for an appointment.   We will arrange for a staff member to outline our approaches, and conduct a school tour.  We enrol children according to vacancies and age. Proof of residency will be requested before enrolment is confirmed.  Enrolment forms are available from the school office.  We also require a birth certificate and immunisation details and proof of parent/legal guaradian's identity prior to enrolment.
Facebook Page
Miandetta Primary School has a Facebook page which we encourage families to ‘like’.  The focus of the page is to promote school events and celebrate the educational achievements of our students, staff and wider community.  Information posted on the Facebook page will also be communicated through the newsletter and message books as these are still our main forms of communication.  If you have any questions or messages, please contact the school directly on 6424 4428 as the Facebook page is not constantly monitored.  Our page is ‘Miandetta Primary School, Tasmania’.
Fundraising Sub Committee
We have an active Fundraising group who facilitate school get togethers and celebrations, provide services and raise funds for school projects.  The Sub Committee meets each month on a Monday. Details are advised in the school newsletter.
Homework is a professional decision of each class teacher.  We see homework as an extension of our teaching and learning programmes and an opportunity to further develop quality teacher, child and parent partnerships.  We believe homework should be appropriate to the child’s age and limited to half an hour's work a night or two hours per week.  It may include: home reading, research, spelling and word knowledge activities, sketching, handwriting exercises, ball skills, story writing, number practice and completing a unit of work.
Homework should not preclude your children from important and valued out-of-school activities including music lessons, youth groups and sport.  Please contact your children's class teachers if they are unable to complete set homework or are experiencing difficulties.
Students are supervised from 8:30am.  Unless participating in a supervised activity, they must leave between 2:45 and 3:00pm.  There is no supervision provided after 3pm.
Our lesson times are 8:55 – 10:40, 11:00 – 12:30, 1:15 – 2:45.
The office is open each school day from 8:00am – 4:00pm.
We have three houses, Woniora, Wareatea and Orion.  Your children will join their house for events including the school athletic carnival and cross country races.  We do not have a special uniform for these occasions.  Most children wear a t-shirt or ribbons in their house colours.  Woniora is red, Wareatea green and Orion blue.
Infectious Diseases
Headlice, school sores, scabbies, conjunctivitis, measles, chicken pox etc. are contagious and infected staff, students and parents have to exclude themselves from the school during the transmissible period.
Students who have live headlice will be sent home from school.  They may return once they have been treated and all live headlice have been removed.  Your co-operation will be appreciated.
We are a KidsMatter school; using a flexible, whole-school approach to improving children’s mental health and wellbeing.
Kidsmatter provides methods, tools and support to help schools work with parents and carers, health services and the wider community, to nurture happy, balanced kids.  It also provides information sheets and resources for parents and carers such as starting school, making friends, fears and worries and conflict resolution.  You can access information on their website, sign up for a regular enewsletter, and follow their Facebook pages.  The websites also have videos to introduce you to KidsMatter.
Sign up for the enewsletter at or look for the pink button link on the left hand side of the ‘Families’ page
Kindergarten operates on three days per week.  We currently operate two Kinder groups; one Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and the other Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  Tuesday for both groups is a 1:00pm finish.  Both groups provide quality learning experiences for our four year olds.
We charge a composite levy for each enrolled child.  This helps to cover the cost of such things as children’s stationery, classroom requisites, reading books, spelling materials, mathematics games, science equipment, computer software and art supplies.  The levy also assists with photocopying, excursions, swimming and water safety programmes and visiting performances.  Levies do not cover the cost of overnight excursions and out of school hours activities.
You may like to apply through the school office to the Student Assistance Scheme for help with your levies.  Forms are available at the office. 
Message Books
Class teachers use message books to communicate with parents.  They're also for you to write notes to the teacher.  Some class teachers may also use the app class Dojo to communicate. 
Mobile Phones
Our Student Mobile Phone Policy sets clear guidelines for use of mobile phones during the school day.  A copy is available from our office. A parent/guardian permission and agreement form must be signed and returned before a student can bring a mobile phone to school.
Move Well Eat Well
Our school is a MWEW school. This means we reinforce healthy eating and promote physical activity.  We encourage students to drink water and bottles are permitted on desks in the classroom.  Teachers encourage students to eat fruit and vegetables, with students able to eat these during school time.  Occasional foods are restricted and food rewards are not used.  Students are encouraged to be active at breaks and equipment is provided to enable this.  The school has a bike rack and we encourage children to walk or ride to school.  Each term, coordinated events take place to ‘stride and ride’. 
Our weekly newsletter is uploaded to our “schoolstream app” each Tuesday.  The newsletter can also be viewed on our website or sent by email.  Please let us know if this is your preference.  The newsletter is a very important link between the school and home.  Please take a few moments to read it.
Outside School Hours Care
Before school, after school and vacation care operate on the school premises.  This service runs 52 weeks of the year, only closing for gazetted public holidays.  Care is available from 7.00 am to 8.30 am and 2.45pm to 6.00 pm.  To enrol students in this service, contact Stepping Stones on  1300 665 699.
We offer parent/child sessions for children who will be attending our Kindergarten the following year.
These sessions provide the opportunity for next year's Kindergarten children and parents to get to know each other, the staff, the school buildings and grounds.  The child must be accompanied by a parent, grandparent or carer.
Physical Education/Sport
Our class teachers run a daily fitness and skills programme.  A specialist teacher takes our classes once a week.   Swimming and water safety programs are offered to all students from Prep to Grade 5.  We have an annual athletic carnival and cross country and participate in events organised by the North West Primary Schools Sport Association.  We also have out-of-school- hours sport, thanks to the enthusiasm and commitment of voluntary coaches and managers. 
Reporting to Parents 
Prep - Grade 6
Miandetta Primary follows the recommended Reporting Schedule.  Between week five and eight of term 1, a short report is provided to inform parents how their child is settling in to school and to advise them of any early areas of concern. 
During term 2 a full written report provides clear, detailed information about your child’s progress and any matters that need attention.  This allows time for teachers and parents to assist students with their learning.  The report is discussed at interviews conducted soon after reports are issued.
Finally, at the end of the school year, a summary report provides parents with brief information about their child’s end-of-year results.
Kinder Parent Teacher meetings are conducted mid year after the Kindergarten Development Check. A ‘celebration of learning’ which is a full written report, is provided at the end of the year.
Respectful Behaviour
Our school is committed to creating and maintaining respectful teaching, learning and play environments that focus on positive behavioural expectations and foster the achievement of our school motto - At Miandetta we care for each other and our world and we help everyone to learn.  We actively promote and recognise positive behaviour, support restorative practices  and have a hierarchy of steps for inappropriate behaviour.  Our approaches are detailed in the Respectful Behaviour/School Policy.
Respectful Interactions
All interactions which take place at our school must occur in a rational, non-threatening manner.  This is a requirement for all – both students and adults. Aggressive and harassing behaviour is not acceptable.  Our Parent/Carer/and Volunteer/Visitor Code of Conduct clarifies expectations and communication channels.
Social Skills 

We believe the development of your children's social skills is a shared responsibility.  We see you as their prime educator and we build on what you teach.  We consider almost everything your child does at school involves and develops social skills.  We value and cultivate such things as self esteem, confidence, optimism, a sense of responsibility, respect for other people, cultures and property and concern for the environment.  We foster a love of learning, commitment to personal best and pride in success.  


We recognise and encourage desirable qualities like manners, honesty, punctuality, reliability, independence and team work.  Some of the foundation stones and structures we use are:
·         At Miandetta and Rights, Rules and Responsibilities
·         Restorative Practices
·         Class Meetings
·         Student Awards
·         Kidsmatter and Bounce Back
·         Buddy Classes
Student Banking 
We use the Commonwealth Bank's service.  Class teachers collect the children's deposit books in class satchels and send these to the office for processing.  Books are returned to the students via their class teachers.  The office has the forms to open an account.
Student Support 

An educational psychologist, social worker and speech and language pathologist and school nurse regularly visit the school.  Sometimes these support staff meet with teachers and parents.  Sometimes they assess children. Often they work with the children.  Referral to these professionals is done in consultation with the parent through a member of Senior Staff.


Sun Protection
We are recognised as a sun-safe school. We expect our students to wear school hats during first term until the end of April and again in September until the end of year in line with our policy, which reflects the Cancer Councils recommendations.
We have a focus on sustainability and reducing our ecological footprint.  We promote sustainable practices and processes across the curriculum and the running of the school itself.  Students care for class gardens and chickens. 
We actively encourage the wearing of our school uniform.  Regular orders are placed during the year.  Please see the office for an order form.
Visiting Performances
Details are published in our Tuesday newsletter.  The costs are covered by the composite levy we charge for each enrolled child.
Web Site
Our web site is located at